Ay Bee Cee Award: Hooked on Phonetics


ABC Award

The rules for the award are very simple.

(1) Acknowledge whoever sent you the award;

(2) Nominate the blogs that have touched you.

NOTE: Try not to freak out, I know there are bunches …


(3) Give us a list; A-Z of what you think describes you.

Your choice~

Go Crazy!

Have a ball ya’all!

I would like to thank My Rays @ http://myraysoflight.wordpress.com/ for nominating me for the ABC Award. I am honored that Rays nominated me: She has such a big heart and big talent; not to mention visual imagination. Please visit My Rays of Light for inspiration and beauty.

I, too, like My Rays, have found the most supportive and loving people here at WordPress.  You all have added a new and vital dimension along my journey of recovery. You are all a true blessing to me…thank you so much.


This is the best part of the award: Passing the honor onto other bloggers. There are many I would like to name, and there are many I have already named. So, if you don’t see your name here, you are nominated (again) in my heart … and I KNOW you know who you are, so let the parade begin. B flat please. Tune it up!

Debbie😉 @ http://iftodaywehear.wordpress.com/













Here are my ABC’s. 

Animals I like.

A –  Arctic Wolf

B – Bears (all colors, sizes, temperaments, and Chicago Bears)

C –  Cheetah

D – Dogs (ALL)

E – Eland

F – Fawn

G – Gazelle

H – Hawk

I – Impala (oh, no, not the car.)

J – Jaguar (oh yes, the car)

K – Koala

L- Labrador retriever

M- Mastiff (uh oh, I’m going to the dogs) …

N- Nightingale

O- Otter

P- Panther (Puma)

Q- Queen Bee

R- Reindeer (Real animal folks!)

S- Sea Lion

T-  Tiger

U-  Uh …

V- Vulpes Vulpes (red fox) had to look it up.

W- White lipped deer (I’m in love with one, actually: Please visit Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago). These creatures are amazing.



Y- Yearling, (any animal in their first year of life). Puppies!

Z- Zebra (what else?)

22 thoughts on “Ay Bee Cee Award: Hooked on Phonetics

  1. Yeah, right? I had to google animals a – z. As much as i love animals … thinking of ones that match the alphabet is wicked hard! Most of the beasts are Big Cats, or Runners😉

    So, instead of the National Geographical Channel … just “google” baby!😀

    • I know you are busy … it takes some time to sort these things out! Just bask in the glory of it all … and beware, there could be something rising in the East. HINT HINT. xoxo m

  2. Thank you so much for thinking of me and nominating me! I LOVED your abc’s! I’m a big animal fan! And a big Melis fan!:) Now, go have some fun!

  3. What a fun take on the ABC award!
    Of course, sadly, I now have Shirley Temple singing Animal Crackers in my Soup stuck in my head. I’ll try to change the channel…
    Just realized tomorrow’s Friday! Hurray for you!!!!😀
    love you from A-Z!

    • ALL I CAN SAY IS YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAY I get to see my true love!!!! He is my rock and he rocks my world. AND HE MAKES ME LAUGH!!!!!

      You crack me up, lady. Shirley Temple singing Animal Crackers in my Soup .. at least it’s not … (i won’t even go there). It suckeths to have a song stuck in between the ears.

      OK, love you too, from A to Z and all sorts of ways!!! Love melis

  4. thank you Melis for the nomination. Just have to tell you that I’m REALLY slow about this kind of thing, so don’t think I’m being rude please. Or if you do think it, please know it’s not my intent!

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